“Live Fully, Feel Healthy, Rejoice in your Wellbeing.”

– Shona R MacDougall RH (AHG)

The journey toward physical, emotional, and spiritual health may be difficult for some. There are many stressors that can prevent us from being both happy and well. If we can determine the triggers that cause our dis-ease and change them, we can begin our journey down the road to true healing. I am committed to guiding my clients, enabling them to find their path and utilizing an approach that incorporates body, mind, and spirit. I honor the uniqueness of every client’s personal journey toward health; I am here to enable you to find your way down the path of healing. Each person who places their trust in me will be treated with kindness, compassion and respect. I strive to give my clients the necessary tools to ensure their optimal well-being, hoping that these tools will be shared with family and friends.