St. Johnswort

St. Johnswort



Shona consults with clients Tuesday and Thursday’s at her office on 19 Court Street, Montpelier Vermont. Please contact her to make an appointment.

Being an herbalist, Shona addresses the root of a problem, helping you to be in touch with yourself and listen to your body. During this journey, you have an opportunity to take control of your health, perhaps for the first time. Shona involves her clients in helping them make lifestyle changes appropriate for the individual which can lead to an openness to different ideas and experiences. This allows for growth and healing during the journey to wellness. For each person this path is different. 

During the consultation process, Shona will talk about herbs that are relevant for your needs, as well as diet, exercise, stress management, supplements, homeopathy, bodywork, and spirituality changes that might be helpful to you. Your plan is tailored to you. Shona will want to hear your story. Identifying what led you to this place is often a part of the healing journey. 

You may learn new techniques for dealing with stress or acquire new daily habits that leave you feeling improved. You may find that eliminating certain foods causes your headaches to disappear or your heartburn to go away. You may discover that eating a diet of whole foods leaves you feeling great and that the food that was such an integral part of your diet is not even missed. This journey can be work and requires a commitment. The result is often a newfound respect for life, medicine, food, and most importantly, yourself. For some this path is easy, and for others it can be challenging. Shona will do her best to support your needs during this process. 

Shona has experience working with Medical Doctors, Naturopaths, Chiropractors, Midwives and more. She can work directly with you or help to coordinate care with your medical providers. 

Herbal Consultations

The initial consult takes up to two hours. Our discussion will begin with your current health concern(s). This will be followed by intake of your health history, current diet, and a review of herbs, supplements and medications. An initial plan for your pathway to wellbeing will be laid out based on your current needs and goals. Following your initial consult, you are given a 15 minute free follow-up discussion with Shona. Herbal consultations can be done over the telephone.

Cost for initial consult is $80—$100 sliding scale. Please note that herbs are sold separately.

Additional herbal consultations can take up to one hour. We will continue to develop and work on your plan, discussing what is important to you in more detail. Your plan will change with you as you evolve.

Cost is $40—$50 for the first hour and $10-$12 for each additional 15 minutes. Please note that herbs are sold separately. 

Flower Essence Consultation

Shona is a certified Bach Flower Essence Level 2 practitioner.  Flower Essences work on emotional and spiritual pathways, which have an effect on your physical health. Your flower essences are chosen based on your discussion with Shona, regarding your particular feelings and emotional state at the time. During this process your flower essence will be adjusted as your feelings and emotions change.

Cost is $40—$50 for up to one hour. This can be done in the office or by phone. Please note that Flower Essences are sold separately. 

Spiritual Journey 

In this journey we visit a remote part of you that lives in your subconscious by using guided visualization and meditation. We alter our state of mind using energy work to access an often hidden part of ourselves. This journey is unique for each person and can be different each time. Sometimes you may find strength, power or vitality you did not know you have. Other times you may encounter parts of yourself with which you are not comfortable and wish to change. Whatever you discover, Shona will support you during this process. This takes up to one hour.   

Cost is $40—$50 for the first hour and $10—$12 for each additional 15 minutes. 

Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted for services in the office. Payment is expected at time of service.