Herbalism is a journey into health and wellness that encompasses your entire being, using plants for medicine. The study of Phytotherapy has been practiced for centuries and used in traditional medicine by all cultures. Herbs are often the beginning point for a new medication, where one particular constituent is isolated and then made into pharmaceutical medication.

Here at Earth Rhythm Herbal it is our opinion plants work best in their whole plant form, utilizing the entire part of the herb that is relevant. The plant's constituents balance each other, creating a perfect medicine.  

Herbs traditionally work well for healing insomnia, digestive problems, women's reproductive issues, stress and anxiety, children’s illnesses, autoimmune diseases, mild depression, joint pain, arthritis, and so much more. Herbs can be useful for wellness purposes, maintenance of good health and for healing illness . 

Shona’s mission is:

• To foster wellness and health with others through the use of herbal medicine.

• To make and provide high quality, affordable herbal products to share with our community.

• To educate people about herbalism, so they may empower others to care for themselves.